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DIY Brows

Waxing my brows at home after I wasn’t satisfied with my two last appointments. I normally wax my brows every two months for $21 + Tip. After relocating to Nevada around 6 months ago it’s been hard replacing my precious technicians. It took me over 4 nails salons to finally find my personal favorite.

So, last year during Covid Lockdown in LA I was shopping on HSN and found a home wax kit by Wakey. I love the easy DIY method and found it super confident. I raved about it and filmed a video.

Now, A year later I replaced my Wax Kit and filmed a new video tutorial. The kit was $40 purchased at Ulta for approximately with a coupon. I’m on track to save over $180 + a year by doing this myself.

What you’ll need+ What used

Reusable Melting Pot $10

Face and Body Applicators $10

Rose Gold Was $20*, Regular Price $26

*Coupon used for Ulta pick up orders


Eye Brow Spoolie

Small Applicator

Calming Oil

DIYBrows #HomeWaxKit #Wakse #JaiNishia


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