Fathers Day 2021

Celebrate Dad!

Did you know that the number-one gift given on Father’s Day is STILL a necktie? We couldn’t believe it either – with all of the incredible gifts and experiences that exist, why are we giving our dads more ties?  

The greatest gift you can give is spending quality time with Dad – and it’ll be extra-special if you promote healthy activities in the process! Father’s Day is this upcoming Sunday – what do you have planned?


Create a memory with your father or father-figure this weekend! If your father or father-figure has passed, honor their memory by doing something they loved to do.


Get active with Dad! Don’t know where to start? Check out some of our favorite Father’s Day activities below:

•             Act like a kid again and play catch together

•             Go for a leisurely (or not-so-leisurely) bike ride together

•             Walk to lunch and enjoy a nice meal together

•             Have a picnic in the park together (and bring along a frisbee or soccer ball for old-time’s sake)

•             Go for a hike, surf, or swim together (if that sort of thing is possible where you live)

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