Experience Love and Happiness

When you step into my store, I want to deliver an exceptional experience and help you get whatever you need. That means ensuring all my products are fully stocked with my best-selling items or pulling up orders quickly and easily to process an exchange. Love and happiness is a one-of-a-kind source for accessories that’s beenContinue reading “Experience Love and Happiness”

Self Love Weekend 💕

Lessons for next year. 1. Charge a small fee to ensure the proper amount of people, who want to attend are accounted for. 2. Update marketing emails with a number of clear communication of itinerary. 3. Create a form like a group app to allow other attendees to introduce themselves. 4. Business cards for theContinue reading “Self Love Weekend 💕”

Meet The Owner

Hello, Love, My name is JaiNishia and I am so excited to Officially Launch My modern Lifestyle Blog, offering cutting-edge wellness advice ranging from travel recommendations, the best places to eat, daily mantras and self-love initiatives. I’ve beaten the odds since birth and now I will share my love of cooking, travel, fitness, product reviews, andContinue reading “Meet The Owner”