Happy December

It’s officially the last month of 2019. It’s the time of year when you share food and beverages with family and friends. You should reflect on the full year in review and you plan your next chapter of life. Events this Month: Charges Game Multitasking Products Aromatherapy Engagement Anniversary Holiday Season Guide Dinning and Drinks…

Happy November

It’s officially November, and I am so excited. Events this month: Thanksgiving Black Friday Eco- Love | Love and Happiness Launch 🚀 Thankful Thursday Volunteers Cheer -Toy Drive Toronto Film Festival Craft Ideas: •Holiday Cookies

Welcome To Eco-Love ♻️

Born out of inspiration and driven by creativity, Jainishia, expanded and created Love and Happiness Home on the premise that beauty can be created in everyday space and Self Care is an ideal worth striving for. ✨ Our natural ingredients are the center of our new line Eco-Love 🍃♻️. Each product is packaged in reusable,…


I like many, have been reading books for years. However, I live a busy, on the go lifestyle and hardly ever have a solid two hours before bed to read. My hours are already accounted for being that Charlie is eager to see me when I return home, and Paul is waiting for dinner. So, I turned…

Orly Color Labs

I’m super excited to share with you that,  I’ll be in the Orly Color Lab tomorrow cooking up a special color for my new accessory store Love and Happiness 💕 Photo Credit: Orly

Self Love Weekend 💕

Lessons for next year. 1. Charge a small fee to ensure the proper amount of people, who want to attend are accounted for. 2. Update marketing emails with a number of clear communication of itinerary. 3. Create a form like a group app to allow other attendees to introduce themselves. 4. Business cards for the…

Fabletics Review

@kellyrowland Go Off!!! . Hey Loves, @fabletics legging is amazingly comfortable and true is size, compared to its competitors it’s a top contender . I’ll be practicing yoga tomorrow wearing my new pants and will provide a better review . ❤️💪🏾

Planner Life

Me + Happy Planner = A perfectly planned life 💕. #2019 #Planner #HappyPlanner #Motivation #Lifestyle #Vlogger #Blogger #Life #PCOS

Failed Friendships

Friends, How many of us have them? Friends… Laughing but seriously. How many of us have friends? True, solid friends?  The ones that feel more like the family that make water thicker than blood. Friendship has been tested more within the last 5 years then they have been traditonally.  Our lives are complex and we are…