Food Bank LA

Dear Guest On behalf of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and our network of 1,000 charitable agency sites throughout Los Angeles County, thank you for choosing the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank for your community service project site. The fact is, without volunteers the Food Bank would not be able to accomplish its missionContinue reading “Food Bank LA”

La Nursing Event

I found out about the Nursing workshop by following an industry travel nurse. I saw an opportunity to network prior to completing school. Tip One: Research your potential field ie: Critical Care or ICU Tip Two: Following those in your industry Tip Three: Take notes and ask questions . . . Follow my nursing journeyContinue reading “La Nursing Event”

Meet The Owner

Hello, Love, My name is JaiNishia and I am so excited to Officially Launch My modern Lifestyle Blog, offering cutting-edge wellness advice ranging from travel recommendations, the best places to eat, daily mantras and self-love initiatives. I’ve beaten the odds since birth and now I will share my love of cooking, travel, fitness, product reviews, andContinue reading “Meet The Owner”