Delivery + Ownership Updates

Black Widow 🔌🔋🖤✨ is here; she was delivered Saturday, August 21st. I officially joined the EV family this past weekend, and It was The Best decision ever. #TeslaModel3 #EV Delivery was so fast That I almost missed it. Our car was originally scheduled for 10 am. However, the night before, we got an automated callContinue reading “Delivery + Ownership Updates”

Tesla Delivery- Prep

Hey guys, It’s been a long seven weeks, but after receiving our VIN, we will officially take delivery Saturday, August 22nd, 2021and I’m super excited. I started documenting our journey when we ordered our car on June 30th. Our first video explained the ordering process and how I researched offers for new EV owners likeContinue reading “Tesla Delivery- Prep”