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Baltimore + DC Weekend

I haven’t been to Baltimore or DC since 2016 and this weekend I was able to Fly back to enjoy the weekend with my girls, eat food food and experience the vibes of life

I’m really grateful and I wanted to share a few restaurants that blew our mind.

1. Bygone in Baltimore $$$

The food and drinks were outstanding. I mean the atmosphere was old time Hollywood, but with a touch of a modern twist they have a rooftop bar with a View overlooking the harbor and all-around great customer service.

New York strip with

2. Flavorture in DC $$$

Oh, I love supporting other businesses especially if they’re black on because we know that sometimes we can be overlooked for opportunities in our food in our services are top-tier. So when my girlfriend suggested that, we check out the spot full of culture, food or dives

Signature, chicken and waffles

BWI + Rental car experience $$

I loved flying into BWI the airport was easy to navigate and they have a free shuttle that takes you to the rental car facility where they have everything from Alamo to enterprise.

Alamo offered the best deal for me and a pre-check in where you can upload your drivers license and pre-select all of your additional features like toll road access and a pre-fill gas option.


$$$ Pricy but work every penny

$$ Responsibly priced, Easy navigation + Great customer service


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