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Sustainable Skincare + Tools

Hopefully, in 2023, you aren’t still be using washcloths on your face.

I’ve been using Eco-Clean Disposable Face Towels – since Covid and has seen a reduction in acne, hormonal breakouts and overall texture .

Face towels are Ultra-Soft Face For Washing Face & Makeup Removal.
•Certified Vegan
•Cruelty-Free Face Towel for All Skin Types.

Each towel is 2-sided disposable and highly absorbent and durable, yet gentle on all skin types making them the perfect companion to fight acne breakouts and reduce excess sweat build-up when washing your face!

If you wear makeup, make sure to double or triple cleanse to remove all necessary debris . Please consider make the switch to face towels that are biodegradable, an eco-friendly.

Face Towels

Also, before you start any skincare routine, make sure to wash her hands.

Biodegradable and convenient hand soap allows for worry-free disposal while on the go. An excellent planet-saving alternative to toxic plastic bathroom soap containers. Ideal for pockets and purses. You are leaving your hands feeling fresh and clean.

Designed in Canada, @fominsoap takes pride in bringing sustainable, naturally-scented solutions so you can stop using alcohol-based sanitizer, which dries out the skin.

Directions :

  1. Grab a thin
  2. Wet your hands
  3. Lather & Wash for 20 seconds

Face Towels

Soap Sheets



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