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2023’s Intentions

This year as I move, intentionally through some of my personal professional and business related goals I definitely understand the power of knowing yourself and why you started.

I encourage you to look through your mobile device and emails, delete old messages, and unfriend people on social media.

We must accept the change that has happened since 2019. Majority of things in life don’t have hacks, shortcuts, or quick ways to bypass the necessary.

What the last three years have taught me that I can’t be everything to everyone and nothing to myself. Last year I checked off a lot of things professionally. This year will be intentionally good.

Do not take offense if I do not;

Call you back
Text you often
Send gifts or Holiday cards
Accept your friend request

I NO longer have the capacity to fake anything or have a relationship just because.

I will curate the most intimate relationships with my loved ones, showing up for them, whenever they need me and reciprocate in the love that they’ve shown.


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