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Skincare in colder months

Dry Skin Season 🤎

Like many of you, I have patches of skin. As soon as the weather gets cooler. I’ve added a humidifier to my regimen. I’m also going to link a few things down below that I have incorporated in my skin care routine.

First, but certainly not, least would be increasing your water intake. Hydrating skin always starts with more water.

Increasing your intake and elderberry vitamin B-12 an iron will also help your skin during the colder months

Laying your body care with oil and butter, seem to seal in more hydration for me. Here’s a few of my favorite combos.

Love and Happiness Rose oil + Fenty Body Oil

La Roche-Posay Triple Repair Cream

KeysSoul care Body oil + Body Oil

I exfoliate your skin 2 to 3 times a week , and incorporated a dry brush into my routine.

Why add a humidifier ?

Helps with Dry sinuses, bloody noses and cracked lips — humidifiers can help soothe these familiar problems caused by dry indoor air. And cool-mist humidifiers also may help ease symptoms of a cold or other respiratory condition. Shop Here

Why are you should exfoliate?

Exfoliation helps you remove the dead skin cells and other debris sitting on our skin, revealing newer skin underneath. It improves the appearance of skin tone and radiance, creating a fresh, revitalized glow.


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