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I wanted to share some information about a few organizations formally, each targeting disenfranchised communities. Continue reading for ways you can support them and their initiatives

Black in Appalachia: This nonprofit works with local organizations and black businesses to highlight the contributions black people have made to Appalachia & the larger world. It does this by sharing stories across news articles and podcasts. It hosts support events and takes requests for direct support for black people across several cities in our state. It is a great organization based in East TN.

First Care: Each week, they offer immediate support to underserved groups in their community. Our guests are made up of single parents, disabled people, felons, LGBTQ youth, and more. Because they turn no one away, Regardless of who they are or what they come from they have created a safe space . Much needed if I may add.

Lastly, Beauty 2 the Streetz is a movement in LA. An organization founded by an amazing mother who lost her son and husband. Shirley works to establish equity and community on skid row for those who are often disregarded as trash by society. From hair do’s, dog baths, and even hot meals. The organization runs EVERY DAY in LA. And Shirley even won an award from CNN as a CNN Hero. Her work has compassion at its core and truly is an example of our company’s values at work.

Please take the time out to take a look at these organizations, share their resources, and partner with him for any additional community outreach that you plan to do in 2023

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