April Showers, May Flowers

May is finally here and I honest can’t believe we are 5 months until 2022.

Source:Merriam Webster

2022 is one for the record books following Covid. I have been watching the news, stocks and the housing market closely. Last year, Paul and I found a lending for a new development and this week they reach out with updated monthly figures, mortgage rate and down payment and our monthly mortgage estimate went up to $3.700.

There is no way after everything we experienced for the last two years plus the uncertainty of the future that we can confidently move forward. We are still exploring options for our next adventure and where we would want to build our dream home.

May this new month bring peace, harmony and love to you and your families. I encourage you to really think about your needs, desires and wants and make sure you consistently make decisions that help you achieve your goals. We are all still able to alive and well so we have an advantage to keep going. No matter where you started or where you are, keep gong and now that is never to late.

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