Hawaii Roundup


LuLu’s Cafe


Sangria Fights

Orange, Blueberry and Strawberry


Paia Fish Market

Paul and I both tried the Salmon, It came with Cajun rice and Cole Slaw. Featured : Blackened and Sautéed with lemon and garlic.

Additional Food Options

Shrimp Shack:

Tip: Bring cash, they have an offsite ATM.

Also, Check unto Yelp for 10 % off your meal.

Pictured: Coconut Shrimp

Island Tips:

1.Bring a Reusable water bottle, many places charge .50 or 1.00 for water cups.

2.Starbucks will refill your water bottle for free.

3. Restaurants will give you water for free, if purchase a meal.

4. Its humid during the day, wear plenty of sunscreen and drink water often.

-The sun goes down after 5 PM

5. Wear lighter clothing so you won’t overheat.

6. Rent a car if you can and explore the island.

-AAA offers a 5% discount with enterprise .

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