Vacation Essentials

Summer starts in 27 Days and why not start the season of right, with some new pieces that are trendy and packable ❤️

Facebook Pages

Hello Family and Friends, I manage two pages JaiNishia & Love and Happiness, LLC JaiNishia is dedicated to my personal blogging journey and will feature some products from my new store Love and Happiness. Love and Happiness will be dedicated to my online store and used as a platform to communicate with customers. Also, Love…

My Love 💙🏁

Our Love Elevates Me Higher. By God’s Grace, Thank your for loving my unconditionally. You make me happy, our love is solid. Wake me up if I’m dreaming, God is allowing me to experience everything I imaged.

Releasing Yourself

Nobody: No one at all: Me: I’m really disappointed in people, like why play sides and have all this drama going on. Everything on social media isn’t always what it seems. I’ve seen way to much this past year and I’m good Love, Enjoy! I don’t want to know anything, don’t call me with any…

Healthier Plants

Air – Purifying Plants we need and should get as soon as possible. Photo Credit :The Indian spot

Self Care

“Take care of yourself first” •JaiNishia It’s really important for your to take a moment out of your busy, busy lives to nurture your own needs. It’s not selfish or optional you can do small things like exercise, get a facial or seek a therapist. For me, Self Care has been the stepping stone to…

June Wellness

Reflecting on the continued interest in wellness and travel, we are sharing a full range of tips on treatments and tools to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. All tips will be posted during the month of June, Stay Tuned For More 🙏🏾

Cleansing with Sage ♻️

In addition to cleansing the air of unwanted bacteria, the benefits of smudging, and producing negative ions are many, including: Clearing Negative energy Increasing your sender of well being Improving mental focus Improving sleep Shop out organic sage bundle at