Geoffrey Malibu

Hey Guys, I’m back with another good recommendation. Paul and I tried a new restaurant with the most amazing views, and I highly recommend you try them out if your ever in Malibu. Restaurant Geoffrey’s What you should know: 1. They offer $12 valet parking added to your check. 2. They offer seating both outside…

Whole Foods Recycle

Today I was able to recycle my old water bottles for cash at Whole Foods. I earned a total of $1.60 16 old bottles at .10 =1.60 #EcoStrong, How are you saving the planet ?

Sunday Reflection

This week has been rough emotionally for me. I don’t know why, Other than we are moving in less than 10 days and I haven’t packed a box. I’ve been planning meetings, working on my business, trying to drink water, workout and text everyone back. But, I dropped the ball 😩. Today, I took a…


For April if you recycling your clothing with @hm you get double coupons . Each time you donate clothing HM will give you a 15% off coupon ! Happy Shopping ♻️🙏🏾✨ . . . . . #sustainability #eco #zerowaste #sustainable #ecofashion #design #gogreen #ootd #fashion #sustainableliving #savetheplanet #environment #style #ecofriendly #nature #organic #reuse #recycle

Lifestyle Change

Testimony ❤️ God saw fit to change everything about me. From 2011-2015 I was overweight, broken and DEPRESSED! But, God 🙏🏾. I will never go back, #testimony

Book Day #BookNerd

Today its World Book Day💕 Donate some old books to your local library, adoption agency or children’s should shelter. You can also volunteer at your local YMCA, boys and girls club or children’s hospital.

Eco Strong

Over the past year, Paul and I have been looking over ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We are now using reusable metal straws, Eco-Friendly alternatives, and recycling as many items as possible. You may know that there is growing interest in banning plastic straws and that Starbucks will eliminate all plastic straws in its…

Happy Earth Day ♻️

Happy Earth Day Santa Barbara is hosting a festival for free, head over to Also, I encourage you all the find a local cleanup effort and volunteer.