Grand Opening Tomorrow, April 1st you’ll be able to shop my trendy accessory shop, Love and Happiness 💕. I’m overjoyed and exited for you to see everything, I’ve been working on for the past month. Thankful for everyone who was apart of the process you guys are the real MVP’s. With Love Xo J

Day 7 – Obstacles to Grace Melt Away

Our centering thought for today is: When I don’t resist, I am in grace “To live a life of gratitude is to open our eyes to the countless ways we are supported by the world around us.” –Gregg Krech

Revamping My Home

I will be spending the next two- three months Revamping, Decluttering and Cleaning our house. In this I hope to life as minialistly as possible, spending less and enjoying empty space. To start, I will be Cleaning up my Pantry which allows me to re-label spcies and get rid of the ones that have now…

April Fitness Kickstart

Sunday: 30-60 minute cardio workout (with a warm-up and cool-down!) Monday: Strength workout or low-impact workout (like a long bike ride or yoga!) Tuesday: 30-60 minute cardio workout (with a warm-up and cool-down!) Wednesday: Rest day (do some light stretching or go for a walk) Thursday: 30-60 minute cardio workout (with a warm-up and cool-down!)…

Day 6 – Gratitude Is in the Present

Our centering thought for today is: Every moment is filled with grace.   “Just be, right now, here; and breathe. Begin to trust the magic of yourself.” – Nikki Rowe

A.M Routine

Step One: AM Cleanser: Murad Essential C  Followed By Pop Works Soap: Ashton. Step Two: Toner-Murad Essential C Step Three Moisturizer: Spf with Rose Oil Step Four: Murad Sunscreen *Product photos pending, I will upload them shortly. Thank you in advance Video Uploaded to youtube March 29, 2019.

Date Night Ideas

Grab a bite: Save 10% at Joe’s Crab Shack, Bubba Gump Shrimp the Chart House if you have a AAA Membership. For more restaurants, visit Catch a Movie: AMC offers AMC A-List where you can see up to 3 movies a week for only $25 a month. For more information, visit  

Day 5 – Gratitude Awakens the True Self

Our centering thought for today is: My true self is always grateful. “The road to happiness starts with a deep breath and an awareness of the many blessings tied to that single breath.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

Skin, skin… SKIN

My updated skincare routine for day and night will be posted Friday !