Take Moments For Yourself

When I get overwhelmed I turn off all social media notifications, and I don’t return text messages. I pray and start to journal my feelings to better understand why I’m annoyed. That’s the first time in understanding yourself ❤️

Random Act Of Kindness

I’ve selected my local fire house, Elementary school and library all to receive gifts this week as part of my community giveback ❤️.

Dinner Prep

This week for lunch Paul and I are having Dill Roasted Salmon ❤️ Ingredients: Fresh Dill Fresh Salmon Extra Virgin Olive Oil Himalaya pink salt Onion pepper Thyme Oregano Garlic Lemon Soy sauce Organic coconut amino   …. Salad and Broccolini, We have been on travel for the past 9 days and I need a…


Tonight I made a simple sandwich Ingredients: Vegan Kale  Pesto Almond Cheese Rosemary Fries Dill Infused Shrimp and Salmon Ciabatta

Earls Test Kitchen

Let’s Just Say This Test Kitchen does food differently . Featured foods: Appetizer: Sweet Chicken Tacos Main course: Steak Frites Dessert : Smores Chocolate Cheesecake Cocktail: Strawberry Mule

Sunday Funday

Thanks Aesthetic Ambition 💕 Updated my Tragus earring with AA today, Such a pleasant experience .

Nail Game Re-Up Self Love Saturday

I spend my Saturday shopping my local farmers market, getting a much need pedicure and reading magazines.💕 Matte Black x Hologram Accent By Andy @VarnishLabNails

PV Farmers Market

I’ve found some new products by shopping local and small. I love handmade products. Here are some of my favorites from this week Additional reviews coming soon.