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Skincare Update

Hey guys, I have been working on a new project and I’ve got some new things I would love to share.

One: Face Mask

-Glam Glow Bubble Sheet Mask or Neutrogena Hydro-boost

Two: Moisturizer

-Murad Essential C Moisturizer AM /PM

Three: Hydrate

-Derma 0.255 Roller With Pure Hyrolonic Acid

-Increase your water intake per day. The national average is about 8 glasses which is 64 oz. I try to drink around 100 oz per day.

Four: Washing Sheets and Pillows weekly

-I changed over my sheets to pure white so that I can bleach them

Bonus Tip: I apply Castor Oil to my eyebrows before bed.

Five: Cleanser: Essential C By Murad or NeutrogenaHydro-boost

Alternative Foods: No Carbs, Low Sugar and No sweets.

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