Taco Sunday

Happy Sunday 🌮 We officially tried the iconic Titos Tacos and it was good. Pros: The beef was well seasoned The Taco Shell was perfectly toasted and not soggy They proved chips and salsa with each order Cons: They had a limited menu, I prefer Chicken Tacos    

Red Lip Season

I love a good red lip. ‘‘Tis the season of red and happiness. Lip: Kylie Cosmetics: Mary Jo K

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who took common courtesy to an uncommon level. I am so grateful for your help in sharing about my blog and events. I won’t be able to thank you enough. But this is a start. Gratefully, JaiNishia

Christmas Decor

So, I put up my decorations early this year and I wasn’t able to put some things up because of out FurChild and his curious mind.


Our mini-E book is almost done ❤️

Wash Day

I’m Uber excited for wash day today. I’ve been under the weather and my hairstyles this week suffered.

Charity Organizations

I am an ongoing volunteer and monetary contribution to the following charity organizations: Martha’s Table -Washington, Dc YWCA- Youngstown, Oh La Regional Food Bank- Los Angeles, Ca Women’s Center -Los Angeles, Ca Boys and Girls Club Cedar Sinai -Los Angeles, CA Children’s Miracle Network Cedar-Sinai -Los Angeles, CA

Back In The GYM

IMPORTANT! I am back I’ve been away from the gym or any physical exercise for about two weeks dealing with my emotions and now I am back and ready to ship ahead of a healthier lifestyle.