Failed Friendships

Friends, How many of us have them? Friends… Laughing but seriously. How many of us have friends? True, solid friends?  The ones that feel more like the family that make water thicker than blood. Friendship has been tested more within the last 5 years then they have been traditonally.  Our lives are complex and we are…

Screen Time

How much time are you spending on social media? Are you stress, anxious or restless? I encourage you to limit your time and focus more on your health, future and family. 🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾 .

Weekend Vibes

Omg who doesn’t love brunch or breakfast on The Weeknd’s ? That honesty the best part of the weekend other than not setting an alarm to wake up Location Yahaira’s Cafe Pasadena, CA

Weekend Vibes

Every weekend my husband and I share our love for food and pick a new restaurant or dish to try. This weekend we selected Del Frisco in Santa Monica. Appetizer: Cheesesteak Egg Rolls Entree: New York Strip Medium with Mac & Cheese Signature drink: White Sangria with a fruit popsicle

Weekend Vibes

Venice Beach has an amazing venue called Mercedes. The view is amazing its near the Venice beach and I tried the  Surf and Turf Taco’s with mushrooms and avocado.    

Weekend Vibes

I’m always on the quest for amazing food that’s lights up my taste buds. Today’s featured restaurant is Urban Plates in Playa Vista

Manicure Favorites

A good cutcile oil is key right now I am using LYL Rose Oil My favorite color right now is RED.  By: Opi Color: Big Apple Red My second favorite shade of red is The Trill of Brazil


The benefits of Yoga are outstanding and  I started my yoga journey about 2 years. My top benefits for trying yoga : Drops your blood pressure Makes you happier Relaxes your system Encourages self-care Activated the full body


One thing that kept bothering me for the past week was remembered to fight for what you’re worth. For remembering that even though you may work for an employer that your needs are also important. Everyone including those close to you will get away with mistreating you if you let them. (Trust the process) I applied…


Over the past four years I have taken classes, read many books and followed some influential people and I came up with Five resources that changed the way I planned for my business. Here are the following: 1. USPS offers free shipping supplies USPS offers prepaid printing for shipping and returns and the offer a…