Beauty​ Must-Haves Part Three

I’ve been rather frustrated with trying to find sunscreen, lotion, soap and facial oils that are 100% organic for sensitive acne prone skin. I’ve used plenty of products and they always say “if this causes irritation please stop using it ” well why would it cause irritation if it’s good for me or if it…

Beauty Must-Haves Part Four

This week I went to Rite Aid and found a beauty tool. I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect one for my skin. I refuse to pay $200+ for a Clarisonic right now. Just because I know there is a reasonable counterpart. Well look what I found… Also,

Wash Day 10.29.2018

I normally wash my hair once a week, however, this week I waited two weeks before washing it. I deep conditioned my hair using Shea Moistures Mankua Honey and Washed it With Dr. Boone’s Rose soap.