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Beauty Must -Haves Part One

Hello Loves,

So, I just turned 30 and over the past 4 years of taking better care of myself. I’ve learned more about skin, health, and mindfulness.  I have normal-dry or combination skin. Which means, I need products that target my concerns.

I also learned unfortunately that my body doesn’t digest well after eating dairy, gluten, onions, high sodium or meat. Which could also be why your beauty products aren’t working. Read the labels and do your research. So with that being said, I  wanted to share with you my daily beauty must-haves


Murad Essential C Cleanser

Murad Essential C Toner

Murad Essential C Sunscreen

**Alternative Olay Wipes SPF


Muad Essential C Cleanser

Murad Essential C Toner

Murad Essential C Night Moisturizer

Sunday Mask Rotation

Clay Mask with Apple Cider Vinegar

Glamglow Bubble Sheet Mask

Murad  Blue Line Oil-Control Mask

Previously I’ve tried

Glam Glow


Urban Skin Rx -Pumpkin Pore Mask

Also, I see my esthetician once a month for a facial and check up. My esthetician uses Murad products *Please keep in mind that It took me over 4 years to find products because I always tried new things, So be patient with your skin and take your time.

** Alternative sunscreen I use if I run out of my go to.


*Updated Photo Coming Soon


5 responses to “Beauty Must -Haves Part One”

  1. Definitely want to spruce up my beauty routine.

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    1. Yes, As we get older our normal products no longer work. So we have to adjust

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  2. My suggestion would be to adjust your beauty routine when you relocate or if you are avidly traveling. Our skin doesn’t adjust to the different climate. Additionally, as we age we also want to reduce signs. Good luck!


  3. Also, don’t change everything at once. Start an additional one additional product at a time this is narrow down your breakouts or irritations quickly.


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