Happy Wednesday

Can you believe tomorrow is November 1st, 2018? Wow, I am super excited about the rest of the year and what 2019 has in store for me. We have officially been in California for Three months and each day I wake up with gratitude. The weather is perfect year-round and it hardly ever rains which…

Beauty​ Must-Haves Part Three

I’ve been rather frustrated with trying to find sunscreen, lotion, soap and facial oils that are 100% organic for sensitive acne prone skin. I’ve used plenty of products and they always say “if this causes irritation please stop using it ” well why would it cause irritation if it’s good for me or if it…

Beauty Must-Haves Part Four

This week I went to Rite Aid and found a beauty tool. I’ve been struggling with finding the perfect one for my skin. I refuse to pay $200+ for a Clarisonic right now. Just because I know there is a reasonable counterpart. Well look what I found… Also,

Wash Day 10.29.2018

I normally wash my hair once a week, however, this week I waited two weeks before washing it. I deep conditioned my hair using Shea Moistures Mankua Honey and Washed it With Dr. Boone’s Rose soap.

Hair Test

Today I tested my hair using @naturallycurly Porosity methods. The verdict: High Porosity Hair. However, I just deep conditioned my hair so I’ll be retesting my hair next month.

Beauty Launches

Fenty  Stunna Lip Paint I swatched the colors and I will be doing a video later this month Diamond Ball Highlighter Amazing 😍❤️ The Lip Bar My local target is now carrying this brand and for the first week  it is 25% off I was able to get a dark brown Lip called Savage and…

Sunday Funday

Santa Monica is our go to date night spot ! We love the views and food.

Home Spa Day

Today I am trying out my new Kendal foot spa and man o man do I need this. I purchase this item on amazon gift less than $40


In 5 days I’ll be starting my annual 21-Day fast for a healthier lifestyle . In preparation for it I have limited all my activity on social media to an hour. I’ll be automated all my post for that time period . I’ll be water fasting until 12:00 pm daily I’ll be practicing Yoga 3-5…

Oral Care

A few things I’ve added this week to help achieve my oral care. 1. A sterile toothbrush holder with an automated three-month reminder when its time to change 2. Activated charcoal toothpaste which to helps naturally whitening your teeth. #HealthCare #Natural #influencer #Blogger #selfcare