Once you experience TRUE love, ordinary won’t do! Changing your life starts with YOU! I’ve been encouraging myself by trying everyday! I do this for me, Regardless of what YOU think. One day at a time ladies #beauty #fitness #fitnessmotivation #blackmagic #selfcare #selflove

A Letter To Young J

WCE : To The Young JaiNishia You’re going to experience some amazing things. Humble yourself or the universe will do it for you. The world is much bigger than us and it doesn’t revolve around us. The people we respect the most, including our mentors, are the humblest people we’ll ever meet. #StayLit #HumbleQueen #SelfLove…

Sunday Motivation

I’m always inspired by nature. It’s something about the wind and the flowers that bloom. It reminders me that even if one leaf is dying the roots are still in tack. •JaiNishia